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Vadim Ragozin is a contemporary Melbourne based Artist.  He spends most of his time in the realms of Oil Painting and Mural Art.

Vadim's art explores the paradoxical boundaries of existence: subject & object - imagination & reality - self & other - dream & waking life.

His art endeavours to thread together the uniquely personal with the absolute. Inviting viewers into a deeper recognition of the profound thing we call life.





Boundaries between buildings - walls - transformed into new worlds.

Do you have a wall that needs transformation?

Vadim is your Mural Artist.


Portraits of the Soul

What beliefs or ideas are close to your heart? Have you ever had a transcendent experience that lingers with you? What is something that defines you?


Through a deep conversation and a collaborative effort, Vadim attempts to extract something from the depths of your mind and represent it on a canvas - in an image.


Something that might be more representative of who you really are.

Follow the link to discover the various Portraits Vadim has created.


The Currents Beneath Our Skin


The world appears to us neatly divided by innumerable surfaces. Our minds & fingers unwittingly trace these boundaries, birthing the concrete distinctions between self & other, human & nature, flesh & air. But what lies beneath these surfaces, beneath the skin of the familiar?

In ‘The Currents Beneath Our Skin’, artworks by Vadim Ragozin and Madeleine Rzesniowiecki invite us to contemplate these ‘concrete’ existential boundaries. Just as peeling away the dermal surface reveals an ever-flowing process of biological motion, visitors are asked to question what other hidden currents underlie the many surfaces which separate us.

Vadim Ragozin - Fine Art - Oil Painting - 00005.jpg



Through Vadim's painting, he explores the paradoxical boundaries of existence which are so difficult to define: self & other - subject & object - imagination & reality - dream & waking life.




Vadim Ragozin is a Melbourne based Artist.  He spends most of his time creating Oil Paintings to but is also a Mural Artist.

Vadim explores the paradoxical boundaries of existence through art: subject & object - imagination & reality - self & other - dream & waking life.

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Based in Hampton, the City of Bayside.

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