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The Currents Beneath Our Skin Exhibition
June 2021


The Currents Beneath Our Skin

The world appears to us neatly divided by innumerable surfaces. Our minds & fingers unwittingly trace these boundaries, birthing the concrete distinctions between self & other, human & nature, flesh & air. But what lies beneath these surfaces, beneath the skin of the familiar?

In ‘The Currents Beneath Our Skin’, artworks by Vadim Ragozin and Madeleine Rzesniowiecki invite us to contemplate these ‘concrete’ existential boundaries. Just as peeling away the dermal surface reveals an ever-flowing process of biological motion, visitors are asked to question what other hidden currents underlie the many surfaces which separate us.


To extend on the artworks…

‘The Currents Beneath Our Skin’ will offers life drawing sessions, collective art making, philosophical dialogues, workshops, and tea. Each will offer an embodied chance to contemplate these boundaries, meet new people and explore these themes as a collective.

Contact Vadim to Inquire about purchasing any of these paintings.

See the Shop to purchase Prints.

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