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Portraits of the Soul

What beliefs or ideas are close to your heart? Have you ever had a transcendent experience that lingers with you? What is something that defines you?


Through a deep conversation and a collaborative effort, Vadim attempts to extract something from the depths of your mind and represent it on a canvas - in an image. This will not be a portrait of your face, but of your mind and soul.


Something that might be more representative of who you really are.

What follows are the Portraits of the Soul that Vadim has created for people. Each is accompanied by a written reflection, put together collaboratively with the person whose Portrait has been painted. Specific details are not disclosed as Vadim adheres to a policy of confidentiality with clients.

As you will observe, they are all very different. Neither Vadim nor the person know what the image will look like when they begin, the conversation reveals the artwork.

Contact Vadim to Inquire about commissioning a Portrait of the Soul.

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